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Nature versus Nurture in Frankenstein free essay sample

Nature versus sustain; this is a typical discussion physiologists are in steady inquiry over. Concerning the improvement of an individual’s character, some accept that one is brought into the world with a natural character. Meanwhile, others accept that one’s character is created through understanding over their lifetime. Both nature and sustain are significant supporters of the improvement of characters in the story, Frankenstein. In Mary Shelley’s popular novel, Frankenstein, there is proof that Shelley sees Nature of being the more impressive segment to the advancement of a character. In the novel, Frankenstein, the principle character, Victor Frankenstein, wants to get the hang of all that he can about normal way of thinking. When talking about his adolescence, Victor shouts, â€Å"but by some law in my temperature they were turned not towards immature interests, however to an excited want to learn†¦my enquiries were coordinated to the powerful or in its most noteworthy sense, the physical insider facts of the world,† (Shelley 19). We will compose a custom exposition test on Nature versus Nurture in Frankenstein or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Victor Frankenstein concedes that his craving to learn is in his own temperament, and checks out progressively regular adolescence preoccupants. In any event, when his own dad opposes by saying, â€Å"‘Ah! Cornelius Agrippa! My dear Victor, don't burn through your time upon this; it is miserable refuse! ’â€Å" (Shelley 20), Victor despite everything stays faithful to his examinations. The upheaval given by his dad doesn't have any negative effect over Victor in any capacity; â€Å"But the superficial look my dad had taken of my volume in no way, shape or form guaranteed me that he was familiar with its substance; and I kept on perusing with the best avidity,† (Shelley 21). This announcement shows that Victor isn't stressed over the assessments of society or the individuals who are raising him; he realizes that examining common way of thinking is his obsession, and he intends to keep concentrating regardless. Clearly, Victor doesn't have anybody to trust in when finding out about his examinations, hence, there is nobody in his condition who can impact him here, which shields Shelley’s perspective on Nature. Frankenstein recognizes this and says, â€Å"I was, by and large, self-educated with respect to my preferred examinations. My dad was not logical, and I was left to battle with a child’s visual deficiency, added to a student’s hunger for knowledge,† (Shelley 21). Frankenstein keeps on remaining committed to his investigations in any event, when he heads out to school. His qualities on learning are clear when he says, â€Å"In different examinations, you go the extent that others have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; however in a logical interest there is ceaseless nourishment for revelation and wonder,† (Shelley 30). He keeps on taking part in his examinations, and when taking a shot at his creation, he cites, â€Å"I couldn't tear my considerations from my employment,†(Shelley 33). Victor is so engaged with his scholarly interest that he won't let society hinder being dynamic in his logical work. Toward the finish of the novel, he tells Walton, â€Å"Seek satisfaction in quietness, and stay away from desire, regardless of whether it be just the clearly honest one of separating yourself in logical disclosures. However for what reason do I say this? I have myself been impacted in these expectations, one more may succeed,† (Shelley 163). In spite of the fact that Frankenstein feels that he didn't achieve anything in the logical field, he despite everything perceives the significance of science, and desires Walden to remain consistent with himself, or his actual nature, while gaining from his errors meanwhile. The character of Victor Frankenstein is a character destined to adore science, and he keeps on communicating this all through the novel Mary Shelley utilizes models that help the hypothesis of nature upon Frankenstein’s animal. At the point when the animal is watching the De Lacey’s, he can't resist the opportunity to see that there is bitterness among the family. He can't resist the opportunity to feel disturbed by this; â€Å"I saw no reason for their misery, yet I was profoundly influenced by it,† (Shelley 77). The animal, in his kind nature, needs to support the little family, and chooses, â€Å"I found additionally another methods through which I was empowered to help their labours†¦during the night, I frequently took his apparatuses, the utilization of which I immediately found, and brought home shooting adequate for the utilization of a few days,† (Shelley 78). The animal gets internal happiness when performing such errands for other people, despite the fact that they are not familiar with him. The animal is before long disregarded by the family however, and falls into absolute trouble. Regardless of the unreasonably articulations of others, the animal despite everything feels great in him. He observes a little youngster slip and fall into a quick stream, and intuitively responds by sparing her; â€Å"I hurried from my stowing away spot, and, with outrageous work from the power of the current, spared her, and hauled her to shore,† (Shelley 101). Tragically, mankind despite everything doesn't react sympathetic to the animal, which in the long run makes him to carry on noxiously. While addressing his maker, Victor, he discloses to him, â€Å"Instead of undermining, I am substance to prevail upon you. I am pernicious in light of the fact that I am hopeless. Am I not evaded by all humankind? † (Shelley 104). The animal confesses to carrying on in an insidious way, and keeps on doing as such. Toward the finish of the novel, the animal offers with Walton, his sentiments while carrying on in such colossal manners. While investigating the body of his maker, he says, â€Å"Oh, Frankenstein! Liberal and self-committed being! What does it benefit that I presently ask thee to excuse me? I, who hopelessly obliterated thee by annihilating all thou lovedst,† (Shelley 163). The animal feels fantastically remorseful for the shrewd demonstrations, which he performed. This shows the animal my have been carrying on in a terrible way, yet at long last, he thinks twice about everything, since he had been acting so that is against his acceptable cognizant and character. He at that point reflects upon a couple of the homicides he submitted, â€Å"After the homicide of Clerval, I came back to Switzerland, crushed and survive. I felt sorry for Frankenstein,† (Shelley 165). The animal feels regret in the wake of permitting himself to carry on in a manner that doesn't step up to his intrinsic character, or at the end of the day, his actual nature. The animal made by Frankenstein is brought into the world free and great, and in spite of the fact that turns out to be briefly debased by society, he demonstrates to in any case contain his great parts of his character toward the finish of the novel. In Shelley’s tale, character got from nature, is emphatically communicated through the character, Elizabeth. Victor Frankenstein portrays her as being delightful, quiet, and delicate. He says, â€Å"The pious soul of Elizabeth shone like a hallowed place committed light in our tranquil home†¦she was the living soul of adoration to mollify and pull in: I may have gotten bleak in my investigation, unpleasant through the fervency of my tendency, however she was there to repress me to a similarity to her own gentleness,† (Shelley 20). Elizabeth is the kind of individual whose brilliance and love lights up everyone’s life. Victor knows about this and realizes he can depend on her to feel better regardless, in light of the fact that her cherishing and elevating character is by all accounts in her own inclination. This is additionally demonstrated after her companion, Justine is blamed for killing their more youthful sibling, William. She says to Victor, â€Å"I depend on her blamelessness as surely as I do upon my own. Our incident is doubly difficult to us; we have lost that stunning sweetheart kid, yet this helpless young lady, whom I genuinely love, is to be torn away by even a more terrible destiny. On the off chance that she is censured, I never will know happiness more. Be that as it may, she won't, I am certain she won't; and afterward I will be glad once more, much after the pitiful passing of my little William,† (Shelley 53). Elizabeth keeps on staying hopeful despite the fact that destiny in her condition is by all accounts betraying her. Close to the end, when her and Victor are on their special first night, Victor detects that he will be welcomed by death that night, and is apprehensively envisioning this occasion. Elizabeth can detect that something is upsetting him; â€Å" ‘Be cheerful, my dear Victor,’ answered Elizabeth; ‘there is, I trust, nothing to trouble you; and be guaranteed that if an energetic euphoria isn't painted in my face, my heart is satisfied. Something murmurs to me not to rely a lot upon the possibility that is opened before us, yet I won't tune in to such an evil voice†¦What an awesome day! How glad and tranquil all nature shows up! ’ â€Å" (Shelley 143). Despite the fact that Elizabeth feels there is something incorrectly, she will not permit such ecological components annihilate that of nature and who she really is as an individual, which is consoling and positive. Albeit numerous characters depict the side of nature in the discussion, Elizabeth is the character who speaks to this view the most. In the celebrated novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley utilizes proof to recommend that nature is the more remarkable segment in the improvement of character. The principle character, Victor Frankenstein, adores logical investigations, and has had a real enthusiasm since his youth. The animal that he makes is destined to be acceptable, and still demonstrates to clutch those great ideals towards the finish of this novel. The character of Elizabeth is extremely mindful and remains thusly for an incredible remainder. Every one of the three of these characters face loathsome occasions in their lives, however at long last, they all demonstrate to have the intrinsic character that they had been brought into the world with. Shelley sees a character’s character as being foreordained and in this manner, stands o

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Planning and Enabling free essay sample

Arranging and Enabling Learning This task will be seeing four key territories in the arranging and empowering learning unit. It will characterize the various segments of the module from haggling with the Learner, comprehensive learning, utilitarian abilities and finishing up with correspondence. It will show that through research, I have had the option to exhibit that I have a comprehension of how arranging and empowering learning identifies with the viable and hypothetical side of educating. How I am ready to provide food for the individual needs and to constantly improve the instructive advancement of the students, through a positive plan of work and straightforward exercise plans. Haggling with learnersInitial appraisal is the way to discovering what the students are prepared to do, what level are they working at and is the course reasonable for them. So the appraisal should take a gander at existing aptitudes, against the abilities which will be required to finish the course, in this way it is expecting to get the best match between your students and their learning. We will compose a custom article test on Arranging and Enabling or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page As an instructor I should have an away from of what the students can and can't accomplish. Arranging a sensible arrangement of targets is tied in with focusing on them to accomplish their objectives, so in the event that they are on the correct course and with the fitting measure of help, at that point they ought to acquire their ideal outcomes. â€Å"If you don’t know where you are going you will likely wind up some place else† (Laurence. J. Diminish 1969) (quotegarden Dec 2011) Negotiation is giving structure, setting up fundamental standards and desires between, coach, student and organization; it is an on-going system, which you ought to return to all through the course. A decent statement from: Teaching Today (â€Å"Catch them before they fall† G. Frivolous 2006) So then you go to another inquiry, where does it start and end, precisely what is open for arrangement; these guidelines appear to vary starting with one source then onto the next. So as I would see it you could begin with: standard procedures, course content, course process, picking up showing approach, technique for appraisal, appraisal procedure and course assessment. (Advanced education for Capability 2011) I for one accept there are benefits just as negatives with regards to arranging and my convictions are bolstered by (Reece Walker 2007). A few negatives are that arranged targets may turn out to be excessively unmanageable, so be aware of the abbreviation SMART Specific, quantifiable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. Observe these guidelines and both you; your students won't go far wrong. Comprehensive Learning Whilst inquiring about this subject inside and out, you come to see what number of instructors could see this as very unpredictable, however does it need to be? Well in the wake of perusing so much myself my perspectives didn’t change. Comprehensive figuring out how to me is straightforward; it’s about making the instructive framework available to all students paying little heed to physical, mental or enthusiastic necessities. I could bring cites down from various creators, some which may hit quite a few notes, however for me one short clarification on (Wikipedia Dictionary 2011). Completely comprehensive schools which are uncommon, no longer recognize â€Å"general Education† and â€Å"Special Education† programs, rather, the school is limited with the goal that all understudies learn together. In spite of the fact that in certain conditions this isn't generally conceivable, we can receive our mentalities and environmental factors to incorporate an immense number of hindered understudies. In an examination it has indicated that it can positively affect the two understudies with or without unique needs, it can help with perusing, individualized instructive projects (IEPs), improving correspondence and social abilities. Beneficial outcomes on understudies without incapacities, incorporate, the improvement of inspirational perspectives and view of individuals with inabilities. (Wikipedia Jan 2012). You will consistently get pundits who keep up uncommon requirements understudies are individualized, and in certain examinations the outcomes show they might be correct, however I keep up that in my instructing there will consistently be a spot for Inclusive Learning to all. UNESCO) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and social association says: Inclusion alludes to more than understudies with exceptional necessities; it is fixated on the incorporation of underestimated gatherings, for example, strict, racial, ethnic, etymological minorities, workers, poor, and underst udies with handicaps, hiv/helps patients, remote populaces and then some. So my answer is No, it doesn't need to be. Incorporation, assorted variety, qualification, separation, guaranteeing equivalent chances and customized learning all expect educators to regard all understudies as Individuals. It’s as basic as that!!! Practical skillsFunctional aptitudes are utilized in the wide sense to guarantee that each student is given the aptitudes, capacities and information expected to embrace duty in their regular daily existence, work, instruction and network. Practical abilities are incorporated into all my exercise plans, at every possible opportunity. Be that as it may, inside my association, there is 2 hrs. seven days put in a safe spot for expert educating, for all understudies. Which while this, is something worth being thankful for, it doesn't mean I can disregard this subject. Be that as it may, a statement from (Quality Improvement Agency) (Jan 2012) â€Å"You wouldn’t anticipate that a maths instructor should show putting †so why for heaven's sake do you anticipate that a plasterer should educate maths? † A generally excellent point just demonstrates how things have proceeded onward. ICT in Decorating is turning into a typical thing; it is utilized for liaising with customers, keeping monetary records and managing stock and so forth. Numeracy is additionally a significant piece of my industry, from doing solicitations, gauges, requesting of stock, estimating and cutting backdrops and a lot more parts of the exchange. Proficiency is tremendously utilized when understudies have composed papers to create, solicitations and appraisals to compose, the perusing of a wide range of specialized information with respect to materials, drawings and so on. I might likewise want to communicate in about language, which is a fundamental piece of the finishing calling, from talking and tuning in to customers, to working with customers and associates, whose first language may not be English and to utilize positive non-verbal communication. All are aptitudes which can generally be dealt with. CommunicationThe sorts of correspondence, verbal and non-verbal are utilized in regular daily existence for the most part simultaneously. I feel as an instructor you should have the option to see how your students get what you are stating and doing. I additionally accept powerful correspondence takes into account you to assume responsibility for your group and to keep up their regard and conduct. Non-verbal communication (non-verbal) is utilized without contemplating it, motions, outward appearances, moving eyes and even the manner in which we stand, can influence the manner in which your understudies see you. At the point when we talk (verbal) we consider the things we state and how we state them, the tone and pitch utilized impacts the manner in which we convey. â€Å"Empathy and compassion are likewise abilities of correspondence, in any case, don’t be too quick to even think about revealing to your students individual data about you. † (Gravells Simpson 2009). To guarantee for successful correspondence the instructor must guarantee for any boundaries students must be expelled. Boundaries keep understudies from learning; in this way they have an impact upon their exhibition instructively, socially and by and by. You ought to consistently think about any physical, mental and physiological elements that are boundaries, learning troubles, English might be a subsequent language, or simply the way you’re introducing it and the language being utilized. Correspondence is passing on and getting data through words and activities. It is crucial that you transfer this data effectively, in order to improve your learner’s training. Outline I have composed the substance dependent on my very own and expert encounters. This has all been strengthened by inquiring about books, web, DTLLS meetings and little showing exercises by my companions. Students normally need to accomplish however don't know how, things that are not comfortable or if there are close to home, proficient, social issues can become obstructions, these can be expelled by dealings. This has been explained by my exploration. Student accomplishment works and grows hugely through comprehensive realizing, which I unequivocally put stock in. Inside my calling there are different sides, one being commonsense and the other hypothesis. Viable is regularly genuinely straight forward, with the student demonstrating skill and information on an enriching task. The hypothesis side is progressively muddled as Health Safety and so on get increasingly multifaceted, that’s where practical abilities function admirably. There is a lot of data out there, you have to filter through it, accept what concerns you, and your understudies in the arranging and empowering learning area. At that point your encouraging aptitudes will improve enormously, profiting all included. The examination I have completed has positively assisted with widening my insight on, arranging and empowering learning. I will utilize this to build up my understudies instructive learning.

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Experiencing Pain Essay example -- Health, Philosophy, Personal Experi

Most would concur that agony is a feeling we need to keep away from; be that as it may, encountering torment has the potential for knowledge, information, and another comprehension of life that might not have been in acknowledgment. Through encountering or living with torment, a legitimate comprehension of significant worth can maybe be brought to things that might not have been esteemed in a torment free life. As a result of agony, the genuine importance of life, what it resembles to live, and the estimation of oneself as well as other people is to be inside one’s control. Agony is a dangerous power, yet it can reinforce the brain and the soul. As expressed in Virginia Woolf’s article on Being Ill, the genuine magnificence of the individuals and the genuine excellence of the earth can be seen through the eyes of the individuals who are in torment. Likewise as indicated by Woolf, agony can prompt otherworldly heavenly nature. From my comprehension, the intensity of peti tion to certain individuals isn't in conviction until torment has overwhelmed the assortment of oneself or of a friend or family member. Agony appears to open the eyes of the individuals who have not accurately experienced their lives. Little things in life are routinely disregarded because of the occupied and decided profession situated ways of life. The delights of life get through the detail of the little signals given or got. The brilliant guideline of â€Å"treat others the manner in which you need to be treated,† is significant for individuals who need to have an upbeat existence. Until he was haunting sick, Ivan Ilyich, the primary character in The Death of Ivan Ilyich, never valued the little things throughout everyday life. His center was limited to one subject. â€Å"Ivan made work the middle gravity of his life† (50). Before whatever else, including his marriage, Ivan’s work and examining method of living was of primary goal. Neither Ivan nor his companions esteemed each other. Ivan’s loved ones treated Ivan ... ...ckily, she endure and my traveler and I made due with minor wounds. Not a day passes by where I don't consider what occurred, however I realize it occurred which is as it should be. Traversing this agonizing circumstance made me a more grounded willed individual. Underestimating things is my main event not do. I really esteem my life and my family’s lives. An actual existence can be removed at any second. Expressing gratefulness for the delight and love in life is something that should be done day by day. Material things are replaceable, however what is imperative is a person. Recollections made will endure forever, yet the physical nearness of a friend or family member will be no more. The best guidance is to make every second count and worth the wistful possessions, particularly loved ones. Agony isn't a simplicity, however it helps facilitate the brains of the individuals who are generally significant with deference and knowledge to esteem.

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SAT Study Music

The â€Å"Mozart effect† is pretty well-known, but it’s usually misunderstood or exaggerated. The truth is, it’s unlikely at best that any one type of music can help bring up your SAT scores—it may even impair your memorization skills. But I still recommend listening while prepping. Why? Music makes studying more enjoyable Even if the music won’t make you remember formulas better, that doesn’t mean it won’t make the time spent sitting still more pleasant. If you’re like me, you’d be miserable sitting still for hours without something playing in the background. Making SAT prep an enjoyable experience is important. You want to get to the point where every practice question is something you’re interested in solving, and getting some positive vibes from your music can encourage that mentality. Why instrumental music is best for studying Every word you hear is a mental distraction, and it’s just not worth sacrificing your SAT prep that much. Stay away from anything that you can sing along to. But what if you don’t listen to a whole lot of instrumental music? Find something that’s pretty close to what you’re used to, and give it a shot. If you normally listen to a lot of hip-hop, then great; there are plenty of instrumental hip-hop artists out there. Blues? Tons. There are instrumental artists in pretty much every genre. Try a few different things out, and you might settle into some personal favorites for SAT practice music. After you build the association, then every time you put on that album, artist, or genre, it’ll put you into the right frame of mind for some test practice. Some (under the radar) personal SAT prep favorites Classical   (of course): I really like modern, â€Å"post-classical† stuff, personally. Max Richter and Dustin O’Halloran may be moody, but they make some beautiful stuff. Post-Rock: Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Ros can make even mathematical functions feel totally epic. And there are lots of others from around the globe, such as Neil on Impression or Yndi Halda. Ambient/Drone: The line between music and white noise isn’t always so clear. This can help drown out the outside world. Stars of the Lid or Grouper may put some people to sleep, but I think of them like noise-cancelling headphones without the headphones. Metal: As long as you can’t understand what they’re saying, metal doesn’t even have to be instrumental. To be fair, it is an acquired taste, but something nice and level, like Wolves in the Throne Room, works pretty well for me. Of course, it’s all a matter of taste—it’s no big deal if you don’t share mine. Just leave your personal studying favorites in the comments!

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The Negative Effects Of Marijuana - 861 Words

Marijuana is sweeping the nation. How might this affect people’s everyday lives? Is the progression on legalization a good thing or a bad thing? In order to answer that, the people must first consider the health effects of the consumer and the economic effects of the nation. Marijuana could have both positive and negative effects on the health of the user and the economy. While marijuana does indeed have some health benefits, it also has many adverse health effects and can lead to several social discrepancies. Some of the negative health effects are risk of addiction, slowed brain development, slowed cognitive functions, slowed motor functions, potential cancer, nausea, and a possible link to mental illness. Some of the†¦show more content†¦The first benefit that is worth considering is that Opiate related deaths decrease in areas where marijuana has been legalized and regulated. â€Å"Both the US and Canada are currently dealing with an increase in addiction and death from fentanyl, oxycodone and other opiates. Two large studies have shown about a 25% decrease in deaths from opiate overdose associated with the legalization of medical cannabis and the availability of dispensaries†. (Mitchell) The reason this study is so important and significant is because the accusation stating that marijuana has become a gateway drug has become common knowledge. This study proves the adverse effect of that opinion. Another health benefit that stems from marijuana use is pain reduction. â€Å"Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have found that medical marijuana users experience significant pain relief and function with only minor side effects, according to a new study†. (NewsRx Health) Another factor to consider when discussing the matter of legalization is the economic change that could potentially occur as a result of this. Some of the obvious economic advantages of legalized marijuana are involving tax revenue, job opportunities, and decriminalization. â€Å"The marijuana economy is booming and could hit $44 million by 2020 if current trends continue. The business of legalShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects Of Marijuana977 Words   |  4 Pagespick up bad habits. â€Å"Marijuana is dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis Indica plant. The plant contains large amounts of a mind-altering chemical THC and other similar compounds† (Anonymous, 2017). Marijuana is popular, and it can be made into edibles. As of today, in United States of America, age or pregnancy does not have an effect anymore. People are choosing to high over their families, leaving the kids with birth defects and health issues. Marijuana affects brain developmentRead MoreNegative Effects Of Marijuana1612 Words   |  7 Pages What is marijuana? What is it made of? Why is cannabis still illegal in certain states? Why does marijuana have so many names? Where do the names come from? What is the marijuana culture and how do they celebrate? How is marijuana beneficial? All these questions roaming through people’s mind. Cannabis is a green mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa. People usually smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints or cigars called blunts, or in a pipe, orRead MorePositive And Negative Effects Of Marijuana705 Words   |  3 PagesMarijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. In 2015, more than 11 mil-lion young adults ages 18 to 25 used marijuana in the past year. The drug has both positive and negative effects. Both physical and mental. Living up to full potential is something any person strives to do. Choosing to use marijuana at a young age might not be the best choice to a grow-ing brain. The big difference between adults who smoke and young adults who smoke is young users still have a developingRead MoreNegative Effects Of Marijuana1903 Words   |  8 PagesAmong teens and adults marijuana is the number one drug used for medical and recreational use. Marijuana was not legalized by the states in the U.S. until recently, but it has been in use since the 1970’s. Although, marijuana has been legalized for only a couple of years, the issues of marijuana are becoming a larger epidemic. Many people have the misconceptions that marijuana will not have the same effects as other drugs or even such as tobacco, but after an abundance of research, scientist discoveredRead MoreThe Negatives Effects of Marijuana on Teenager880 Words   |  4 PagesThe Negatives Effects of Marijuana on Teenager What is Marijuana? The marijuana affects the brain development on teenager. Also affect the function at school, work, and social life of the teenagers. The marijuana increases the risk of mental health issues. The sadistic show that the used of marijuana increase every years. Marijuana affects the teenager and also their families. According to National Institute of Drug Abuse, Marijuana is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves, stemsRead MoreNegative Effects Of Marijuana1903 Words   |  8 PagesAmong teens and adults, marijuana is the number one drug used for medical and recreational use. Marijuana was not legalized by the states in the U.S. until recently, but it has been in use since the 1970’s. Although, marijuana has been legalized for only a couple of years, the issues of marijuana are becoming a larger epidemic. Many people have the misconceptions that marijuana will not have the same effects as other drugs or even, such as tobacco, but after an abundance of research, scientist discoveredRead MoreThe Negative Effects of Marijuana2471 Words   |  10 PagesMarijuana has the reputation of giving users a high when smoked, eaten, or inhaled through vaporization. The chemical that causes the feeling of euphoria is called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When smoked or ingested, th e THC rapidly passes through your lungs or stomach, then your bloodstream, and to other organs in your body. When it finally reaches your brain, the THC targets specific brain cells called cannabinoid receptors (Harding, 2013). These receptors are especially found in partsRead MoreMarijuana Has A Negative Effect On Your Health1728 Words   |  7 PagesI believe that cannabis has a negative effect on your health. Now I’m fully aware that a portion of the world’s population truly believe that cannabis is nothing more than a harmless drug that is used for nothing more than recreational use and will not have any long-term effects on your health, but I want you to ponder on the thought of my statement and why I might believe that cannabis has a negative effect on your health. First what is cannabis? according to cannabis also known as â€Å"CannabisRead MoreEthical Issues : Weed And Medical Marijuana1148 Words   |  5 PagesKevin Noh Professor Ericka Scott English 100 11 April 2016 Ethical Issues: Weed Marijuana has been consumed ever since the human civilization started. However, according to Zimmermann (2014), large amounts of research on medical marijuana started around the early 1970s. Through articles and videos on the Internet, social media, and even school, people are becoming more aware of the presence of medical marijuana. Even children are being informed through D.A.R.E. programs offered in many elementaryRead MoreEssay on Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana557 Words   |  3 Pageslegalization of marijuana is a very debatable subject, some people think it is bad and should be illegal, and some people think it is good in some ways if used properly. It should be legal because it has few negative effects, it serves other purposes than getting people stoned, and it is better than other drugs. Many advocates say â€Å" Marijuana is a common drug used by many people.†(Sandra) A lot of people think marijuana has numerous amounts of negative effects on the body. Marijuana helps the body

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Francis Bacon - 15624 Words

Francis Bacon: A Moralist Bacon is not a true moralist. His morality is a saleable morality. He is a moralist-cum-worldly wise man. Bacon appears as a moralist in his essays, for he preaches high moral principles and lays down valuable guidelines for human conduct. Some of his essays show him as a true lover and preacher of high ethical codes and conducts. For instance, in â€Å"Of Envy†, he puts: â€Å"A man that hath no virtue in himself, ever envieth virtue in others.† Then, in his essay â€Å"Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature† he says: â€Å"But in charity there is no excess; neither can angel or man come in danger by it.† Again, he appears to be a lover of justice in his essay â€Å"Of Judicature†: â€Å"The principal duty of a judge is to suppress force†¦show more content†¦But he also says that if a patron wants to favour the undeserving party, he should bring both the parties to a compromise for this would be less dangerous for him. So, to Bacon, morality and ethical codes seem inferior to worldly considerations. â€Å"Of Simulation and Dissimilation† is another example of the strange mixture of morality and prudence. â€Å"The best position and temperature is; to have openness in fame and opinion; secrecy in habits; dissimulation in seasonal use; and power to feign, if there be no remedy.† Bacon’s morality has also been described as a cynical kind of wisdom. This impression is confirmed by even those essays which deal with strong private relations between men. â€Å"Of Friendship†, â€Å"Of Parents and Children†, â€Å"Of Marriage and Single life† and â€Å"Of Love†, all depict a certain kind of utilitarianism and worldly benefit. Here Bacon expresses a definite failure of emotions, for he takes the pure matters of heart in terms of their uses and abuses. In short, though Bacon’s essays portray morality and high ethical standards, yet he does not appear as an ideal moralist and these are but the â€Å"flashes of morality†. He is not a true moralist. Francis Bacon: Wisest, Brightest, Meanest â€Å"If parts allure these think how Bacon shin’d The wisest, brightest and meanest of mankind.† Bacon was the wisest because of his worldly wisdom, he was brightest owing to his powerful intellect and the art of writing terseShow MoreRelatedFrancis Bacon as Shakespeare703 Words   |  3 PagesFrancis Bacon as Shakespeare For almost four hundred years the question of who truly wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare has been studied meticulously by many scholars and historians. There have been many well qualified contenders, including Sir Francis Bacon. Because of the incredible number of coincidences between â€Å"Shakespeare† and Bacon, it is obvious that Bacon wrote Shakespeare. Firstly, the actor William Shakespeare, who is the supposed author of Shakespeare’s works, couldRead MoreFrancis Bacon As A Successful Politician891 Words   |  4 PagesFrancis Bacon is widely regarded as the â€Å"Father of Modern Science† due to his contributions in science and discovery of the Scientific Method. Sir Francis Bacon was born to Nicholas and Anne Cooke Bacon on January 22, 1561, in London, England (â€Å"Bacon, Francis (1561-1626).† The New Book of Popular 1). He had no siblings, and his father Nicholas Bacon died at a young age (â€Å"Bacon, Francis (1561-1626).† The New Book of Knowledge 2). He was looking for work to help his mother, and without a father, itRead MoreFrancis Bacon : Research Paper : By Max Bacon1243 Words   |  5 PagesFrancis Bacon Rough Draft Research Paper: By: Max Clark Francis Bacon was an English philosopher that was successful in many different ways during the renaissance period and influenced the world of natural philosophy. During his 65-year life, he was a philosopher, statesman, scientists, juror, orator, and even an author. Towards the end of his life, he developed a new scientific method different from the works of Aristotle. This method showed a whole new perspective of philosophy. Francis BaconRead MoreFrancis Bacon : Pioneering Scientific Philosophy1513 Words   |  7 PagesFrancis Bacon: Pioneering Scientific Philosophy Francis Bacon demonstrated true brilliance in a time where people were finally starting to be curious about the world. His life, the late 1500s and early 1600s, was a time where previous scientific discoveries were being reformed and new discoveries were being introduced. Francis Bacon, a visionary for his time, was submersed in many events and influenced by many people, which in return allowed Bacon to produce some of his greatest theories and notionsRead MoreFrancis Bacon: Of Revenge - Exploratory Analysis Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Noe Ayala Dr. Wilson Composition II 11/12/13 Revenge: Is an eye for an eye what is best? Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator and author. In 1597 he wrote a short story called â€Å"Of Revenge†. When I came across the short story in my book Reading Literature and Writing Argument I became interested in the story after reading the title. Revenge always happens to be a very interesting topic, typically filled with drama or action. After reading I beganRead More Francis Bacons Scientifically Revolutionary Utopia Essay1077 Words   |  5 Pages Francis Bacon’s Scientifically Revolutionary Utopia nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The New Atlantis is a seventeenth century depiction of a utopia by Francis Bacon. In this novel, Francis Bacon continues on More’s utopian ideas. Unlike More, however, Bacon relied on societal change via advancements in science and ones own awareness of his environment rather than through religious reforms or social legislation. The seventeenth century marks a period in history where drastic social change occurredRead More Culture and Information - Sir Francis Bacon Essay examples998 Words   |  4 PagesCulture and Information - Sir Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon was the grand architect of a perspective on reality so revolutionary that the human mind has yet to break its mold. Although he was neither an accomplished scientist nor a prodigious mathematician, Bacon is accredited with the creation of the philosophy of science and the scientific method, and he so effectively reapplied the notion of inductive reasoning that he is often considered its father. Bacon was the first to embark on the pursuitRead MoreFrancis Bacon s Portrait Of Pope Innocent X923 Words   |  4 Pages Francis Bacon was an Irish-born English artist known for his raw, controversial and emotionally charged works (Gale, Tate Gallery) often referred to as the â€Å"enfant terrible† of British art (Schama, 7) . Many of his works, including Study After Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, are palimpsest using a variety of different images to create his own original works. Study After Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X is part of the loose series of â€Å"screaming popes† (Sylvester, 40) of which thereRead More Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, and Albert Camus: What is knowledge?2227 Words   |  9 Pagesof the real. One of these many people was Sir Francis Bacon, one of the most prominent of the renaissance philosophers, and a literary artist of such great power that he was accused of writing Shakespeares plays. Bacon most certainly was aware of Platos works. In fact, one of the idols that he presents in his Novum Organum is called the â€Å"idol of the cave,† a direct reference to the philosopher who predated him by nearly a millennium. However, Bacon also made his attempt at piercing the veil ofRead MoreA Picture Tells A Million Stories in Francis Bacon Paintings Essay653 Words   |  3 Pagessymbols in many different ways; through stories, poetry, and painting, but are not limited to those subjects. Francis Bacon used many symbols in his paintings. By doing this he did not give the viewer just something to look at but, something to decipher. This way Bacon could tell the story of his life, show his emotions, and make a deeper meaning out of something he enjoyed. Francis Bacon, through his life and painting style, creates a memoir in his 1973 Self-Portrait. Even though Bacon’s life was

Knowledge Management Business Context and Ecommerce †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Knowledge Management and Ecommerce. Answer: Introduction Knowledge system is an important part of business process which helps to utilize and share all important information related to the business. It is regarded as a multidisciplinary approach to achieve organizational objectives and make best use of the business information that is available to the organization (Kersting et al., 2016). Lin (2014), has mentioned that knowledge system can be applied in all departments of the business. The current assignment focuses on application of knowledge system in e-commerce Department of Business in QBE insurance group. The relevant theory is related to ecommerce and knowledge system is also mentioned along with the strength and weaknesses. The study also focuses on the application of e-commerce and knowledge system in the business process of QBE insurance group. The strength and weakness of the application of the theory is also mentioned. Theories related to Knowledge Management and Ecommerce With the advancement of digital technology E-Commerce business is one of the most popular forms of business activities that are used by all private firms to expand their domain of marketing. The main objective of e-commerce business is to sell service and products through online mode. E business is also an important part of e commerce in which all mode of business communication. The E-Commerce business involves processing of high level of information and also adapts the policies of information processing system. In this context Zaman and Wee (2014), have added that the use of the e commerce request application of the knowledge system in business which can help in the overall process of Business expansion. According to Monteiro et al., (2013), electronic data interchange is an important system which interpret the data about E-Commerce and digital technology that is applied in the business. Large scale business organizations have their own operating system to share and process information with the help of electronic data interchange process. The growth of Internet and digital technology has resulted in the creation of 20 million house and web service along with 500 million web pages of web content all across the globe. There are various business enterprises which use the principles of e-commerce and also have become the primary competitor in this department (Monteiro et al., 2013). Shiau and Dwivedi (2013), have suggested about the various ways of knowledgemanagement in e-commerce business which helps to demonstrate the capability of the system. The primary step of knowledgemanagement in e-commerce is to create the knowledge which can encompass the processes and existing knowledge in the same context. With the help of this policy a company can decide upon which information to be shared to the public and which needs to be processed before it is used in the business. It is important for all business enterprise to look forward and create new knowledge in order to expand the capability of e-commerce business. The next step in the knowledgemanagement is to transfer of information which can address all the questions related to the business and also raise the awareness about importance of e-commerce business. Finally the knowledge is being applied into mechanism which helps to employ the information. The knowledgemanagement system functions as a continuous feedback of information which helps to create and materialize the required data for ecommerce business. The processing of the knowledge is an important application in the overall system which ensures that all the required data for operational management is fulfilled. Palopoli et al., (2013), have mentioned that it is important to analyze individual business scenario in order to prepare plan for knowledge management system that can be applied in e commerce business. With the help of most of business activities, it is possible to control the overall process of the ecommerce business activities. Strengths and Weakness of Knowledge Management and ecommerce The high level of investment that is done on information technology in the modern days is the biggest strength of the knowledge management system that can help in the operation of e-commerce business. With proper information and knowledge management system is possible for a business organization to gain competitive advantage among the Rivals. The design of the knowledge management system helps to provide access to several company information for the stakeholders. Proper management of information system also reduces the risk of missing out information in business planning process. The QBE insurance company can use this information system to provide vital information and knowledge to all the clients regarding all major schemes of insurance in their websites and digital media platforms. Proper use of the modern technology in the business can also ensure that business process is optimised along with the operation management process. It can also allow the business process operate in 24 ho urs a day, which can increase the chance of seeking more customers. It can be also be used to estimate all the statistical information like profit margin growth rate and the value of company share. In order for a business enterprise to meet all the technological demands of an area use of e-commerce business and knowledge management system is one of the vital parts. The high level of social impact is the main negative side of knowledge system that is used in e-commerce business. According to Qu (2015), the use of e-commerce and information system involves processing of high amount of data. It can be said in the context that most of the data are being processed using the automatic system where there is risk of eliminating important information and also use of false information to publish inaccurate results. The language that is used in the knowledge system is also a cause of major issue. As all the information is processed using digital form of Technology, there is high chance of misinterpreting the code language that is used in the knowledge system. The data structure of the information system concept of complex level of calculation which requires high level of skills for decoding. As false information is being published in the internet, there are risks of the information being leaked to the rival organization, which can be misused and perform all types of unethical activities. Application of Knowledge Management and ecommerce in QBE insurance group Being one of the premium insurance companies, the QBE group has to deal with diverse form of information and data that needs to be processed for further use for the application in the ecommerce department. The operation of the company is also spread in multiple locations. Has the knowledge system needs to collect data from different locations which can be applied for information processing system. The overall structure of the business with high level of transparency can help to imply the knowledge management system in order to provide information for E-Commerce business to the clients. Being one of the largest insurance companies of Australia it has great strength of employees. It is therefore recommended for the company to use high level of Information Technology software in order to process all the vital information regarding the employees and the performance status. In order to expand The E-Commerce business the company needs to ensure that the profile enough information in their websites which can help all customers to get vital knowledge about all insurance schemes and policies. As the company is offering different types of Insurance Scheme, they need to have different section in their website to provide accurate and correct information about each and every scheme of insurance. As the company is planning to expand their E-Commerce section, it is important for them to provide option of buying the insurance schemes and also pay the regular coverage through online mode for the customers. In order to encourage people to use the online payment facilities the company can provide special offer of new schemes and new benefits in the e Commerce section. As the company has long term plans of making investment and also ensures that all the people are covered under the schemes of insurance, it is important for them to have effective and sustainable future for the plans that will help them in the process of expansion of the business. With the help of the effective knowledge management system, it is possible for the company to provide effective information related to all the detail information about the quality of the service. It is also possible to deal with the vital information related to the change in the company policies about getting information. Conclusion With Rapid rate of development in the information technology the use of effective knowledge management system is one of the essential parts of major operations in business. The use of effective knowledge management system is one of the best ways to deal with all E-Commerce business and also online business communication. The fast ranges of information and data that are required in the business operation need to be processed efficiently and accurately in order to make better marketing plans. The application of knowledge system can help QBE Insurance Company vital opportunity to expand their business and also provide full support to the customers through online forms. References Kersting, N. B., Sutton, T., Kalinec-Craig, C., Stoehr, K. J., Heshmati, S., Lozano, G., Stigler, J. W. (2016). Further exploration of the classroom video analysis (CVA) instrument as a measure of usable knowledge for teaching mathematics: taking a knowledge system perspective. ZDM, 48(1-2), 97-109. Lin, Z. (2014). An empirical investigation of user and system recommendations in e-commerce. Decision Support Systems, 68, 111-124. Monteiro, J., Swatman, P. M., Tavares, L. V. (Eds.). (2013). Towards the Knowledge Society: ECommerce, EBusiness and EGovernment The Second IFIP Conference on E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Government (I3E 2002) October 79, 2002, Lisbon, Portugal (Vol. 105). Springer. Palopoli, L., Rosaci, D., Sarn, G. M. (2013). A multi-tiered recommender system architecture for supporting e-commerce. In Intelligent Distributed Computing VI (pp. 71-81). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Qu, Q. X. (2015). Kansei knowledge extraction based on evolutionary genetic algorithm: an application to e-commerce web appearance design. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 16(3), 299-313. Shiau, W. L., Dwivedi, Y. K. (2013). Citation and co-citation analysis to identify core and emerging knowledge in electronic commerce research. Scientometrics, 94(3), 1317-1337. Zaman, T., Wee, A. Y. (2014). Ensuring participatory design through free, prior and informed consent: a tale of indigenous knowledge management system. In User-Centric Technology Design for Nonprofit and Civic Engagements (pp. 41-54). Springer International Publishing.